Stock Analysis: Ionis Pharmaceuticals (IONS)

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Today it was announced that Biogen is going to exercise its option to commercialize Nusinersen globally and is paying Ionis $75 million for the rights, with potential for $150M more in future milestones with a mid-teens royalty fee for future sales.  This is all a result of the drug reaching a primary endpoint in its ENDEAR, phase 3, study with an acceptable safety profile.  This points to significantly positive results that are so valuable, they intend on switching control patients over to the drug as soon as possible to get them on the therapy.  

This is big news for Ionis, who has been plagued by a beleaguered biotech sector and alarming news with Glaxo-Smith Klein decided not to pursue their own phase 3 study due to low platelet counts.  The latter is what had me particularly scared, as this had the potential to impact the entire platform that Ionis was based on.  These results we received today, help confirm that the platform is stable, which lends more credence to the possibilities in the future when they have 38 different possible therapies in the pipeline.  

As a result of this positive news, the stock rose over 30% today.  It's amazing how the charts were indicating an upward trend, but I never expected this.  This is the confirmation I was looking for to get back in the stock.  Unfortunately it popped huge on the news.  I'm now upgrading the stock based on this new set of data from a 3 to a 1.  That said, I'm hoping there is a pullback created by people taking profits from their purchases in the 20s to allow a better price point to get in and complete my position.

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