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John Deere and Co - Stock analysis

It's time to get on this again.  Next week is going to be busy as there will be 3 earnings reports I need to watch and I haven't documented my prep for 2 of them.  Today I want to talk about John Deere and Company.  Those of you that have read my blatherings before will know that this stock is a link to my heritage and is an industry I understand quite well from a customer's point of view.  My thesis for this company is simple, but two-fold.  First, the population is growing, the farmers have less land to grow food on, and there are less farmers.  So there's a need for better equipment to more efficiently do the work and produce stronger crop outputs.  When it comes to equipment, John Deere is the best there is in the market.  The second is a replacement cycle of old equipment.  I have a very strong US focus with John Deere despite about half of their income coming from outside the US in many of the latest reports.  And that's because there's an invisible growt…