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Earnings Analysis: Pepsico (PEP)

Pepsico announced their fourth quarter and fiscal 2017 year end results back on February 13.  Headline results showed a slight beat of expectations with earnings coming inline with expectations at $1.31 and sales beating expectations of $19.38B with results of $19.53B.  The company was able to return organic growth back to anticipated levels of 2.3%, most North American segments grew and took share, and the international segments saw growth of mid single digits or higher.  The down side continues to be in the North American Beverages division.  It's true that they were able to see growth quarter over quarter, which was nice to see - especially after the product placement issues last quarter.  However, the growth is still not where expected or desired with an economy in its current state.  Pepsi is now about to introduce a new fizzy water called Bubly, which they hope will help bring some life back.  Personally speaking, they brought this on much too late.  Many people wanted them …

Earnings Analysis: Apple (AAPL)

A quarter late, I'm finally writing my first review of Apple quarterly earnings.  The company reported their fiscal first quarter of 2018 on Thursday beating on top and bottom lines.  The company reported revenues of $88.3B and earnings of $3.89.  This results in a solid beat of expectations on the top line of $86.48B and a slight beat on earnings expectations of $3.86.  These results culminate in the best quarter ever for earnings and revenue for the company.  All this said, not everything was seen as great or perfect in the quarter.  IPhone sold 1% less units than that compared a year ago and mac units were down 5%.  IPad sales were up 1%.  Services grew 18% year over year.  It's worth noting that all of these numbers are built off of the fact that there was one less week this fiscal year than last.

This is the crux of where all of the chaos around this stock is based.  Essentially, it seems analysts were expecting some sort of "supercycle" because of the company se…