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Trade: Citigroup (C)

In preparation of the second portion of the CCAR results that will be announced tomorrow, I refilled my position in Citigroup today, purchasing shares at $66.  Unfortunately, I didn't get shares purchased yesterday when the stock was in the $64s and then I pulled the trigger a little too early today, as the market started making a massive swing to the down side around the time of my purchase.  My reasoning for purchasing the stock was that it was near the price target area I've been hoping for since I sold up in the $72 range and we now have a catalyst which I believe will charge all bank stocks in the second half of the year. 

The CCAR results have been an inflection point for bank stocks, historically, as they are then allowed to start to distribute their excess capital as per agreement with the Fed.  I believe that Citi's captial distribution plan will be well received by the Fed, enabling them to distribute approximately $20B in dividends and stock buybacks over the ye…

Stock Initiation: Raytheon (RTN)

After much contemplation, I decided it was time to move into a new position today and purchased half of my position in Raytheon at $188.50.  Raytheon is a defense company primarily known for the production of Patriot Missiles - a surface to air anti-missle defense system.  However, they also produce other items, play in cyber security and deep analytical analysis as well.  My theory is related to the fact that the US is looking to bolster their own military capabilities, to which Trump's declaration for a space force added to, but also the fact that the US is no longer spending as much of its money to protect its allies.  This means they need to increase their own purchases and Trump is using defense as something he's trying to push in all of his trade discussions.  These situations, I believe, spell out a strong runway towards ongoing profits in what is generally a robust global economy right now.  It is true that the Trade war pressures has the potential to strain some of th…