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How I've approached my Pepsi Investment

Ok, so I've talked so far about why I'm up to this, I've shared a couple of my first lessons I've already learned holistically, now I guess it's time to show what little I really know and start digging into each of these stocks I own 1 by 1.  Talk about what my investing thesis was, what I felt I "knew" to back that up and what I've done right and wrong up to this point.  I guess I'll just pull one of my 7 out of my hat and start with that one.  Today's choice is...  Pepsico (PEP).

Pepsi was one of the first stocks I wanted to own, but I have yet to have filled my position on it.  For those who live under a rock, Pepsico is a mult-national company which focuses on the production and distribution of a wide variety of non-alcoholic beverages and snacks (uhh, Pepsi for example?).  I've seen numerous interviews with the CEO Indra Nooyi and I must say I was rather impressed with what I heard and saw.  She has a vision of not just making profits…

Failure to follow my basic rules

I'm no day trader.  I have a career to focus on.  So the purchases I make are planned to be long term investments (12-18 months minimum) typically.  I currently hold 7 positions and started creating them in January of 2010.  At this point, I already missed out on the huge gains from the generational lows, but I finally felt comfortable with my own finances that I could put money to risk.  As of today, I hold positions in 7 stocks - C, BWEN, DE, HON, ONNN, PEP, and ECA.  Taking this as a moment to reflect on the past 22 months, there's a lot to learn about myself and investing. 

My portfolio didn't add C or DE until 2011, so let's focus on my portfolio from the perception of the initial 5 (HON, ONNN, PEP, ECA, and BWEN).  I believe in a diversified portfolio.  I also liked the idea of having a little speculation - I'm still relatively young, plus I love the idea of trying to get a big turn around (doesn't everyone wish they bought AAPL back when it was at $5 - o…