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Weekly Portfolio Summary

It's been an interesting week as stocks and my portfolio both end up 0.8% higher than last week.  It was a week where I wasn't as able to watch the markets, so I am a little less aware of what's happened.  In general, bank and industrial stocks took a bit of a breather, healthcare seems to have recovered a little and tech was on the rise.  As expected, most of the hoopla was external the markets.  I will say bank impacts appear to be related more to the performance of the ten year treasuries more so than any other factor at this time.  This is likely because there are many that relate the performance of the banks to this rate.  I'm not so sure that's an accurate perception, especially when there's high demand for our treasury for people outside the US.  All in all, I consider what I've seen to be nothing more than a ho-hum week where the month and first quarter were coming to an end, so professionals were most likely paying attention to preparing for the n…